A smart chioce for ergonomic floor cleaning

OctaHANDLE 140 cm

A smart chioce for ergonomic floor cleaning

Extra long polygonal mop handle for a comfortable mopping experience.

It has happened to every one of us when we rested the mop temporarly on a chair or wall, and after a few seconds, the cylindrical handle tipped off, jerking away valuable objects and splashing water everywhere. We know the importance of the design and small details of the cleaning tools. At Bonus, every innovation is inspired by our customers’ real needs. That is why we have created the octagonal mop handle, which we can safely lean against the edge of the table or the door, thanks to its clever design, saving us a lot of annoyance.

Octagonal shape

Of course a good mop handle has a stable grip, so we covered the extra-long, 140 cm long mop handle with a thick anti-slip layer. Ideal for cleaning larger spaces or hard to reach corners. Of course, we also thought that the innovative handle would fit perfectly into our favorite mop heads. That’s why we’ve got a screw end that’s compatible with all Bonus scrub heads with screw caps.

Extra long

In addition to design, we paid great attention to the use of materials. We do not replace a mop every month, so it doesn’t matter what quality it is. The BONUS OctaHANDLE’s extra thick layer of non-slip plastic coating is not just for the good grip, but also keeps it hard to rust and adds durability, so we can use it for a long time. This niche and unique base piece is essential for any household and professional floor cleaning operation.

Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: Eco-tip: When not in use, it's advised to store the mop hanged for maximum hygiene so the mop head is properly ventilated and dries quickly, thus preventing the growth of bacteria.

OctaHANDLE 140 cm
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