A bucket that is the master of mopping

11l oval bucket with wringer

A bucket that is the master of mopping

The high quality BONUS 11l Bucket with wringer takes mopping to the next level.

If you don’t want to bother with weak, unstable and annoyingly short-lived buckets, the BONUS 11l Bucket is finally here for you to help. Our primary goal with this product was to combine top quality with efficiency and good value for money. This bucket and wringer transforms mopping from hated duty to real pleasure. The thick walls and the balanced center of gravity makes it stable.

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In order to extract water from the mops as efficiently as possible, we’ve provided the spiral screw basket with increased permeability slots and anti-twist ribs. The cleverly recessed basket makes it safe and easy to rinse and prevents the bucket from tipping over. Thanks to the firm grip of the handle, we can pour 11l of water easily. You only have to try it once and this extra-ordinary bucket will soon become a must-have for everyday cleaning.


Designed to meet the requirements of the HoReCa segment, it is perfectly suited for professional users and households as well. The product is also color coded according to HACCP standards. The glossy plastic surface shines in 4 pleasant colors – yellow, blue, green and red – so you can use one in each room.

B186, B082, B105, B099 BONUS 11l oval bucket with wringer
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tip: The amount of water added to the basket should always reach just below the wringer. It allows us to make the most of the bucket's capacity, so water have to be changed less frequently.

Color coded cleaning
Color coded cleaning

We also thought of those who would like to bring professional cleanliness into their own homes. Our color-coded products are also available to households.

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11 literes felmosóvödör kék
Product information
Product number: B082 EAN: 5997844303082
11 literes felmosóvödör zöld
Product information
Product number: B099 EAN: 5997844303099
11 literes felmosóvödör sárga
Product information
Product number: B105 EAN: 5997844303105
11 literes felmosóvödör piros
Product information
Product number: B186 EAN: 5996306052186
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