Zero dilution health

Dissolution of dyes, heavy metals, PAHs is immeasurable or much below the safety limit.

An important aspect of our household cleaning tools is how they react to water or the chemicals they are used. It is in vain to use a sponge, cloth, friction pad or rubber glove if it releases harmful substances during use. This is especially important in the kitchen, where our cleaning supplies come in direct contact with the surfaces where we cook our dishes: the kitchen counter, oven, microwave or our utensils. We also want to prevent unwanted materials from being washed out of the sponge by the action of hot water and detergent. It is easy to see that household hygiene is not only determined by the kind of dirt that cleaning products remove, but also by what is removed during use. In a healthy, conscious and green household, there is no room for cleaning supplies that dissolve various substances that can cause problems when they enter the body.

Test report

At Bonus, we place great emphasis on product safety. Our goal is to use our cleaning tools in a completely safe manner and to meet the highest health standards. For this reason, we have decided to undergo a series of tests including our sponges, abrasives, sponge cloths, nonwovens, knitted and crocheted fabrics, as well as the rubber gloves. An independent expert analysis carried out by an accredited laboratory. During the testing they have ome to the results that the tested products had no detectable, or only measurable, dilution rates for heavy metals, AZO dyes, PAHs and plasticizers. This means that the use of Bonus products is guaranteed to be safe. We are proud to provide our customers with a healthy alternative to a truly safe cleaning experience!

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