Bacteria-free with microfibers

The product removes 99.95% of the surface bacteria with one wipe, without chemicals.

Bacteria are invisible to the naked eye, so removing them has always been a challenge. The microfiber, a major innovation that can physically remove almost 100% of bacteria with just one wipe, changes that. Few people know, but conventional wipes and sponges are not suitable for antiseptical purposes. Even though we wipe the surface with them, the number of bacteria is reduced only slightly, and it doesn’t help if we use a chemical. Most chemicals are effective only when sprayed directly onto the surface and then allowed to dry, but this only rarely in conventional households. The secret of microfiber is that it literally wipes dirt and bacteria from the surface and encapsulates it, leaving behind a hygienic and bacteria-free surface.

Test report

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best, so we decided to subject Bonus microfiber products to microbiological testing to determine if the microfiber is really as effective. We supplied our products ti an independent and accredited laboratory. The results of a professional independent analysis have even surprised us: the tests show that our microfiber products remove at least 99.95% of bacteria from surfaces! What’s more, this wonderful hygiene is produced not only by the wipes, but also by our microfibre mop heads, so that every point of the home can be germ-free.

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