A cloth for wiping and washing

Viscose cloth 5x

A cloth for wiping and washing

The BONUS viscose cloth combines the benefits of a kitchen linen and a dishwashing sponge.

We all remember our grandmother’s traditional checkered kitchen towel, which was a pleasure to wipe with after a fun lunch or dinner. When wet, it was also a perfect dishwashing cloth. We’ve kept the nostalgic pattern and colors, but boosted the features. The BONUS viscose cloth is our very own innovation that unites the microfiber material for glass and for general cleaning in a unique way. What do we gain from all this? The high viscose content of 50% provides good absorbency, so it is perfect for soaking up spills, and can also be used for classic dishwashing – instead of sponges.

Value package

Thanks to the non-woven manufacturing technology, it is extremely durable excatly like a good kitchen cloth. Extremely thin, easy to handle and easy to dry. In order to keep it fresh, the viscose dish cloth should be thoroughly washed and rinsed after use and stored in a dry place.

Super absorbent

It is practical to have more of this classical product at home, so there are 5 pieces of blue or pink in one package. It’s worth getting both versions of the collection. In this kitchen linen, we combine classic design with state-of-the-art technology, so you can do your cleaning in a stylish and efficient way!

B347 BONUS Viscose cloth 5/1
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: Sunlight disinfects, so after a thorough rinse it is advisable to hang the dish cloth out in the sun and let it dry. For complete deodorization add a tablespoon of baking soda to the rinse water.

Zero dilution
Zero dilution

In a healthy, conscious household, there is no room for products that dissolve various substances that can even enter our body.

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Viscose cloth 5x
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