Precision cleaning in tight spaces


Precision cleaning in tight spaces

A compact design that fits perfectly into tight spaces like behind the fridge or cupboards.

The Bonus Vertex is a compact, indoor broom designed for precision cleaning in tight spaces. The 8.5cm long and durable bristles make the Vertex the perfect cleaning tool for sweeping and keeping hard-to-reach corners and tight areas clean in every room.

With its 8.5 cm long bristles, Vertex provides unrivalled precision when cleaning any floor. The carefully designed, slender profile allows for easy access to even the tightest spaces, such as around cabinet legs or behind the fridge. With this broom, you won’t have to ignore any nooks or crannies, as precision meets convenience with Vertex. This new broom is designed to navigate and reach tight spaces with ease: whether it’s between furniture, under cabinets or along skirting boards, Vertex is the perfect tool to ensure that no corner is left unswept.

Vertex makes cleaning tight spaces a breeze. Experience the convenience of a broom specifically designed for areas that are often overlooked in your cleaning routine. When designing this broom, we also paid attention to the material and chose 100% recycled plastic. Choose Vertex for a cleaning experience focused on precision and efficiency! With this broom, you can ensure that every corner of your living space is immaculately maintained.

Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: The plastic body is much more durable than wood, but its bristles require regular cleaning. Wash them weekly to prevent them from sticking together, this way they can stay a faithful companion for a long time.

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