Sparkling cleanliness without waste

Sponge cloth 3x/5x

Sparkling cleanliness without waste

Our eternal favorite, the BONUS sponge cloth is a true household classic with tremendous efficiency.

Soft, comfortable and versatile. The sponge cloth is our all time favorite because it’s so practical and easy to use. With its enormous absorbency, it instantly sucks up water. When used with cleaning agents, it is also great for larger cleaning tasks or for washing dishes.

Super absorbent

The BONUS sponge cloth can absorb up to 12 times its own weight, which is a huge amount, so we can be sure that the surfaces will be perfectly clean and dry. Don’t want to throw it away after a few uses? That’s why we’ve designed it to be machine washable. Set the machine to 60 °C as this is the temperature at which most bacteria are killed. After washing, dry it, preferably in fresh air and in the sun, so the sponge will be good as new!

Made of biodegradable cellulose

In addition to efficiency, environmental protection was another key consideration. You can now replace the paper wipes with a sponge cloth, so you can do the wiping with a reusable, organic and biodegradable cloth that is sustainable. We also wanted to make it easy for you to buy one at a time and be as economical as possible, so we’ve created 3 and 5 piece packs. Each pack comes in 3 different colors, so different rooms in the household can be cleaned with a different color sponge. Furrthermore, the color coded solution also prevents dirt from being transferred from one surface to another.

B132 BONUS Sponge cloth 3/1
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: Besides households, the use of this sponge cloth can also be appreciated by the environment. It is made of biodegradable material, so if you don't use it anymore, feel free to bury it in the garden.

Sponge cloth 3x
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Sponge cloth 5x
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