Round bath sponge for a pampering bath

Round Bath Sponge

Round bath sponge for a pampering bath

The BONUS Round Bath Sponge's delicate sponge foam provides a truly relaxing experience.

The BONUS Round Bath Sponge is designed to give the whole family a pleasant and pampering bathing experience. The soft sponge generates plenty of foam, so only a little is enough of our favorite foam bath, shower gel or soap and we can be covered in fragrant foams. Children will love the special, round shape of the sponge. Due to its small size it is ideal for bathing babies, but it is also the perfect solution when looking for a gentle, high quality sponge for sensitive skin.

Besides having an exceptional shape, the beautiful colors: pink, blue and yellow also add to the uniquness of this product! This sponge will be the hallmark of your bathroom, a real decoration worth buying in all three colors!

Using a sponge for bathing is highly recommended. Why? With a soft-touch bath sponge like this, you can gently cleanse and refresh your skin and revitalize your blood circulation. As your skin comes into contact with the gentle surface of the sponge, its delicate scrubbing effect helps removing dried skin cells. The result is a velvety smooth, renewed and radiant skin! Furthermore, using it will make bathing even more hygienic. All you have to do is make sure that you rinse and dry it thoroughly after bathing to keep it fresh and free of bacteria.

B354 BONUS Round Bath Sponge 1/1 packaging
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: If the life of your sponge has expired as a bathing accessory, use it to remove dust from pipes and cabinets during spring or autumn cleaning.

Made in Hungary
Made in Hungary

A significant part of the Bonus products are trademarks of Made in Hungary, Hungarian Product or Processed in Hungary.

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Round Bath Sponge
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