Universal mop handle for maximum cleanliness

Plastic grip MopHANDLE 120 cm

Universal mop handle for maximum cleanliness

With its precision design and universally compatible thread, the BONUS 120cm mop handle is a must have for every household.

The quality of the mop handle can determine the experience and effectiveness of floor cleaning. We change it relatively rarely, so it really matters what we choose. With its 120 cm aluminum handle, the BONUS plastic grip MopHANDLE is a must have. Thanks to its durable material and smart design, it is a real classic and will be your faithful cleaning partner for a long time. Have you ever experienced what it is like to have a handle that does not fit the mop you have purchased? You can now rest assured that the BONUS MopHANDLE will not be such an annoyance. Equipped with an Italian-type thread, it is compatible with most of the mops available on the market and, of course, fits perfectly with all BONUS mops.


The white plastic-coated aluminum handle has a four-color screw cap – red, yellow, green and blue – so you can choose the color that matches your favorite mop. This easy-to-use base is really durable, making washing a pleasant experience.

B207 BONUS Plastic grip MopHANDLE 120 cm
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tip: When finished with the cleaning, it is advised to suspend the handle by using the hole at the end so it can dry completely. This way the mop remains hygienic for a long time, and you can also avoid corrosion.

Color coded cleaning
Color coded cleaning

We also thought of those who would like to bring professional cleanliness into their own homes. Our color-coded products are also available to households.

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Plastic grip MopHANDLE 120 cm
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