Top quality care for interior floors

PinkMOP Set

Top quality care for interior floors

A mopping set with a unique colour combo, containing everything you need for perfectly cleaning interior floors.

Really thorough floor cleaning requires careful preparations, but who has time to meticulously select each and every piece of equipment? This is exactly why we created the BONUS PinkMOP Set, which combines top quality with the most stylish design. Let’s see what this unique collection is made of!

Microfiber technology

The star of the set is the PinkMOP mophead, with baby pink microfibres offering superb absorbency and incredible cleaning power. Scientific studies have shown that densely sewn microfibres physically remove 99% of bacteria, thus ensuring hygiene without the use of chemicals. It has a giant advantage, namely that it doesn’t soak floors, and provides quick drying. It is ideal for floor tiles, parquets, marble and linoleum. The eye-catching pink colour is also present in the 11-litre mop bucket, which includes a silky white wringer and handle to spectacular effect. The great centre of mass guarantees the bucket won’t topple over, and the increased wall thickness ensures that this stylish product remains durable. You don’t need to worry about thoroughly wringing the mophead either: the deepened wringer has larger holes and grooves to prevent slipping for an even easier mopping experience.

Machine washable

The set is completed by the silky chrome mop handle, which is a whopping 130 centimetres long, so you will be able to mop up even the most hard to reach corners. The rotary hanger allows for super easy storage, so you’ll be able to hang your mop on the pantry or bathroom door and wall easily. The rotary hanger is especially useful when pairing the handle with a rectangular broom head or window cleaner, which will now stay in the right direction when hung up. This silky-coloured unique product is not only practical, but also incredibly lightweight, so cleaning with it will be much less demanding. This tasteful set will be a true star of the household. It offers excellent value for money, so it’s not only user-friendly, but wallet-friendly as well.

B655 BONUS PinkMOP Set
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: When it comes to senitive floors we advise vacuuming or sweeping up before mopping, so you don't have to pull the wet mop several times to pick up dirt. Avoid acidic cleaners to protect the parquetry's shine.

Antibacterial wiping
Antibacterial wiping

Bonus microfiber products have been subjected to microbiological testing to determine if the microfiber is really effective.

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PinkMOP Set
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