Snow white sponge for immaculate cleanliness

Non-Scratch Sponge Scourer 2x

Snow white sponge for immaculate cleanliness

The BONUS+ Non-Scratch Sponge Scourer is ideal for thorough and gentle cleaning on sensitive surfaces.

A snow-white non-scratch scouring pad and a spectacular but gentle scrubbing effect? The BONUS⁺ scrubbing sponge brings these together. It is ruthless with dirt and residue, but gentle with sensitive surfaces. A good example is that it even removes burnt dust from the radiator grooves.

Smaller cups, plates, dishes or cutlery will be sparkling clean with this sponge. It is also suitable for washing smaller-necked glasses (eg. wine glasses, champagne glasses) and smaller kitchen utensils (eg. garlic press, children’s cutlery). The size of the sponge is also ideal for general household cleaning as it allows you to effectively remove deposits or limescale from corners and other hard to reach areas.

With non-scratch scrubber

Comfortable use is essential for all these activities. To achieve this, we have created etching on both sides of the sponge to ensure a comfortable use and to apply a much more effective scrubbing force. And why is the color of the non-scratch scrubber white? For a decorative appearance, and for the tiniest removed dirt to be instantly noticable on it.

A two-piece package of non-scratch kitchen sponge is ideal if there is no storage option in our home. Thanks to the small packaging, the product fits even in the smallest kitchen or bathroom. How practical, is it?

B353 BONUS+ Non-Scratch Sponge Scourer 2/1 packaging
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: In order to keep your sponge as hygienic as possible, it is advisable to place it in the microwave for 1.5-2 minutes after rinsing with clean water. As a result, almost 100% of the bacteria are killed.

Sustainable Forest Management
Sustainable Forest Management

With the FSC certification, we can rest assured that our suppliers have complied with all laws and regulations regarding forestry and paper industry.

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Non-Scratch Sponge Scourer 2x
MSRP: 120 Ft
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