Plastic glove protection for your hand

Natural latex glove

Plastic glove protection for your hand

The BONUS natural latex gloves provide protection, extra hygiene and comfort for household chores.

Do you see the effect of thorough cleaning not only in the apartment but also on your hands? It is no surprise as washing, scrubbing, mopping and gardening all use the delicate skin of your palms and fingers. If you want to avoid minor injuries or your skin soaked in chemicals during a cleaning marathon, you should use latex gloves. The BONUS natural latex glove is a true life-saver. Using it guarantees that housework will never be linked to physical injuries again.

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Of course, a good latex glove is effective and comfortable only if we can grip it perfectly. It is why we have created a ribbed surface on the palm side of the glove. Thanks to this, the dishes will not slip out of your hands during dish-washing. We have also made sure that the glove is thick enough to provide real protection while still providing a sense of touch when in use. This is very important especially when used indoors or on finer surfaces. It doesn’t resemble at all to the extremely circumstantial talcum-powdered rubber gloves that were in fashion back in our grandmothers’ days.

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The BONUS natural latex gloves are lining-free and dust-free, which significantly reduces the potential of skin irritation. What’s more, this reusable practical piece is completely personalized, with S, M, L and XL sizes available to choose from to fit your hand. It is designed to provide stylish protection in a bright yellow or bright red color during cleaning.

B378, B239, B316, B101 BONUS Natural tatex gloves
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: The latex gloves not only protect us from skin irritation but also from chlorinated water and bacteria. If water gets into the glove during cleaning, turn it inside out and dry it in the open air.

Color coded cleaning
Color coded cleaning

We also thought of those who would like to bring professional cleanliness into their own homes. Our color-coded products are also available to households.

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Product number: B378 EAN: 5997844301378
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Product number: B293 EAN: 5997844301293
Háztartási gumikesztyű L
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Product number: B316 EAN: 5997844301316
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Product number: B101 EAN: 5997844301101
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