The Multi Purpose Scrubber

MPS Scrubber 2x

The Multi Purpose Scrubber

The BONUSECO MPS Scrubber delivers perfect cleanliness on both scratch-resistant and sensitive surfaces.

Heavily burned food on the bottom of the pan? Dried grout on the plinth? Our BONUSECO MPS Scrubber is specifically designed to solve such problems. Our two-in-one product is the perfect blend of a metal scourer and a non-scratch scourer. Why is this useful? Because it can be used both on scratch-resistant and sensitive surfaces to remove even the strongest residue. As you don’t have to swap to other products, you can clean faster, thus saving a lot of time. The secret of the effectiveness lies in the manufacturing process of our internationally patented product.

Heavy Duty

The metal scouring part is made of electro-galvanized steel, which – due to its low carbon content – is highly resistant to rust. The high-quality non-scratch scourer is fixed to the metal body, which provides excellent hold and extra durability. How?It prevents the early deformation of the metal scourer part, making it much more durable than the average metal scourer.

Patented design

When designing the BONUSECO MPS Scourer, we focused not only on the composition but also on the shape. It is very handy, making it so comfortable that thorough cleanig feels almost like child’s play. It is important to note that the metal part should not be used on delicate or shiny surfaces like glass, Teflon or car polish – as it may damage the material. For such surfaces, we recommend using sponges and cloths.

B545 BonusECO MPS Scrubber 2/1 packaging
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: The MPS Scrubber is extra durable due to its well-fixed scourer pad. For maintaing its hygiene, wash thoroughly after use and store it in a dry place!

Sustainable Forest Management
Sustainable Forest Management

With the FSC certification, we can rest assured that our suppliers have complied with all laws and regulations regarding forestry and paper industry.

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MPS Scrubber 2x
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