Double cleaning power in one scrubber

MPPS Scrubber 2x

Double cleaning power in one scrubber

The fine plastic fiber's scouring power combined with the colorful non-scratch scourer maximizes efficiency.

The 2-piece BONUS+ MPPS Scrubber is a clever combination of a plastic scrubber and a non-scratch scourer pad. Why is this 2in1 structure so good? We’ve all seen crusty and dried food leftovers and residue on sensitive surfaces. This product is very effective in removing the chewing gum sticking to the side of a table, but it is also perfect when you need to rescue a pot from heavily burned food. We can even use it to clean the stove, but the delicate materials, such as Teflon or ceramic dishes can be cleaned without scratches as weel.

Heavy duty

How could we achieve all this? The secret of our scrubber is an internationally patented unique technology. The plastic wire was flattened out to a fraction of a millimeter during manufacturing and formed to create a strong plastic mesh. This gives the body of the scrubber, where a high-quality, non-scratch scourer is fixed to. This scourer pad gives the MPPS Scrubber a great hold and also ensures a longer life and therefore extremely economical.

Patented design

This product also dazzles with its stylish look. Finally a cleaning tool that doesn’t have to be hidden from guests! A scourer with floral patterns on a white backdrop will be a truly spectacular highlight of your home. In addition to beauty and efficiency, we also cared about comfort: it fits neatly into the shape of your palm, so cleaning is no longer uncomfortable.

B599 BONUS+ MPPS Scrubber 2/1 packaging
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: The MPPS Scrubber is extra durable due to its strongly fixed scourer pad. To maintain its hygiene, wash thoroughly after use and store in a dry place!

Sustainable Forest Management
Sustainable Forest Management

With the FSC certification, we can rest assured that our suppliers have complied with all laws and regulations regarding forestry and paper industry.

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MPPS Scrubber 2x
MSRP: 1980 Ft
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