The star of the mop sets, with the power of microfiber


The star of the mop sets, with the power of microfiber

BONUS+ MicroMOP is the most effective high-absorbent mop for smooth surfaces.

One of the biggest challenges when mopping your floor is to really pick up the dirt and prevent it from getting dirty again while still cleaning it. It’s not enough to just caress the floor, a really good mop is capable of picking up dirt. The MicroMOP can do this effortlessly as it has tremendous absorbency and becomes heavy when wet, so you don’t have to press it hard to the floor while cleaning. With a single pull, you achieve amazing cleanliness and the surface becomes almost dry.

Microfiber technology

Because of its low moisture content, it is especially recommended for wood flooring or laminate floors, but can even be used wherever fast drying times are crucial. It is one thing that the floor looks clean, but is it bacteria-free? The BONUS+ MicroMOP is the most hygienic solution with 99.95% removal of surface bacteria, making it ideal for cleaning flats where small children or even pets are around. The mop has a two-in-one thread to fit almost any type of handle.

Available in set

Another convenient feature of BONUS+ MicroMOP is washability, so you never have to worry about making your mop even more dirty with every wash. This microfiber mop is a real household favorite because of its woven design, which is extremely durable so you can enjoy its cleaning effect for a long time. You will not only notice this product because of the glow it lefts behind, the purple-green color combination will immediately catch your attention and brightens even the grayest days.

B629 BONUS+ MicroMOP
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: After a few uses, the mop can be safely dropped into the washing machine. At the temperature of 60 °C, we can remove not only the dirt but also the bacteria.

Antibacterial wiping
Antibacterial wiping

Bonus microfiber products have been subjected to microbiological testing to determine if the microfiber is really effective.

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