Floor cleaning for the most demanding


Floor cleaning for the most demanding

The power of viscose and microfibre is combined in a single mop head for perfect floor cleanliness.

This truly special mop head is designed for the discerning user who only comes up with the latest innovations. Unique on the market, the patented MicroMIX mop head combines the best features of two of our fantastic products, SoftMOP and MicroMOP. Why should we choose between the thorough bacterial removal and scrubbing action of the microfiber and the absorbency of viscose? At Bonus, we believe in uncompromising cleanliness, which is why we have created a mop head on the market that contains both microfiber and viscose fibers in the optimum ratio.

Mikroszálas technológia

What can this premium premium mop head do? Microfibers are legendary for their effective bactericidal action, but at Bonus we like to rely on the facts, which is why our microfiber products have undergone an independent laboratory test at an accreditation agency. The test results speak for themselves: our microfiber products remove 99.95% of surface bacteria! The secret lies in the dense woven fabric, which comes in contact with the floor on a huge surface and almost scrubs the surface, physically removing dirt and, with it, the pathogens.

60°C-on mosható

Another pillar of the patented novelty design is viscose, which, with its enormous absorbent power, constantly works with the microfiber. Because of its weight, it exerts pressure and provides moisture. When designing, we have always been mindful that our products meet the needs of the private sector and households. With its unique dimensions of 240g and 30cm in length, this unique scrub head is ideal for keeping large apartments and professional rooms such as commercial and hospitality units clean.

B532 BONUS+ MicroMIX mop
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: Eco-tip: To reduce water consumption, you should take advantage of the special design of this mop: use brush-like, eight-wave swirling movements, so that the clean surface of the mop head is always in contact with the floor, so you can clean a huge area with a single rinse.

Antibacterial wiping
Antibacterial wiping

Bonus microfiber products have been subjected to microbiological testing to determine if the microfiber is really effective.

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