A set for industrial cleaning

Micro FlatMOP set

A set for industrial cleaning

The BONUSPRO Micro FlatMOP set is the perfect choice for hygienic floor cleaning in the HoReCa segment.

This set has been designed to meet the requirements of professional floor cleaning. It contains everything in one package that is essential for hygienic cleaning in public institutions, hospitals, offices and catering units. This is a perfectly crafted floor cleaning collection that cleans without scrubbing, providing standard cleanliness, even for health care institutions.

A baktériumok 99,95%-át eltávolítja

The set includes an extremely durable 140 cm BONUSPRO Fiberglass MopHANDLE with a screw end and a hole for clamping. The handle can be easily attached to the BONUSPRO Flat Mop. The heavy-duty plastic sole presses on the mop so that it gets maximum floor contact, thus allowing the floor to be cleaned without much effort. The BONUSPRO Flat Mop is compatible with HACCP standard cleaning trolleys and comes in 40 and 50 cm versions depending on your needs.


The kit also includes 12 pieces of BONUSPRO Micro FlatMOP in 40 and 50 cm sizes. These are made of microfibre to ensure bacteria-free floor cleanliness. The dirt removal strips on its surface make it even more effective. For the best value for money, we have included another 8 flatmop cloths in the set to make it as economical as possible.

B740, B757 BonusPRO Micro FlatMOP professional flat mop set
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: With the mopping kit, both wet and damp cleaning can be done. After use, disassemble the set, rinse thoroughly and let it dry. We advise 60°C washing for the flatmop cloth.

Antibacterial wiping
Antibacterial wiping

Bonus microfiber products have been subjected to microbiological testing to determine if the microfiber is really effective.

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Micro FlatMOP 40cm 20x+20x
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Product number: B740 EAN: 5997844302740
Micro FlatMOP 50cm 12x+20x
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Product number: B757 EAN: 5997844302757
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