Maxi size, extra efficiency

MAXI cloth 10x

Maxi size, extra efficiency

With its above-average size, the BONUSPRO MAXI cloth is perfect for professional, large-scale industrial use.

The BONUSPRO MAXI cloth is designed to meet the needs of the HoReCa segment. Its size is 38X40cm, which effectively cleans large surfaces, be it desks, shelves, racks or other areas. The MAXI cloth meets all needs of professional users – restaurants, hotels, canteens, hospitals, public institutions – and also has an outstanding absorbency. Absorbs up to 8 times its own weight, it is guaranteed to leave completely dry and shiny surfaces. The material is extremely durable thanks to the non-woven manufacturing process, made of 82% viscose and 18% polyester, making it particularly suitable for professional use.

Extra large size

Our product is universally applicable for wiping and cleaning almost any surface, and can be used both wet and dry, giving it a versatile application on several surfaces and tools.


In accordance with the HACCP guidelines, the BONUSPRO MAXI cloths are color coded in yellow, green, pink and blue colours to ensure that each wipe is used for a dedicated task. The 10-piece packaging guarantees economical purchasing and use.

B259, B273, B297, B310 BONUSPRO MAXI cloth 10/1
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: To maintain maximum hygiene, it is advisable to regularly disinfect the cloth by placing it in hot water or in the microwave oven for 1 minute when wet.

Color coded cleaning
Color coded cleaning

We also thought of those who would like to bring professional cleanliness into their own homes. Our color-coded products are also available to households.

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MAXI cloth blue
Product information
Product number: B259 EAN: 5997844303259
MAXI cloth pink
Product information
Product number: B273 EAN: 5997844303273
MAXI cloth yellow
Product information
Product number: B297 EAN: 5997844303297
MAXI cloth green
Product information
Product number: B310 EAN: 5997844303310
Product data sheet Product data sheet
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