A magical entry into the realm of cleanliness

Magical non-scratch sponge 2x

A magical entry into the realm of cleanliness

The BONUS Magical Sponge is the key to every kitchen and bathroom. Turn cleaning into a lovely experience!

Beauty and extra efficiency, these two features feature the BONUS⁺ Non-Scratch Kitchen Sponge, an essential addition to any stylish home.

Let’s see what this aesthetic and high efficiency piece knows! The non-scratch, cheerful rubbing layer has a gentle scrubbing effect, yet it treats dirt relentlessly. How? The secret lies in high quality sponge foam and non-scratch scouring pad. There is a need for this massive structure as this sponge will deal without breaking a sweat with even the most dried-up residue. Whether it’s after-paint stains on the tiles or windows, for the BONUS+ Magical Sponge there is no impossible mission.

With non-scratch scrubber

This trendy-looking sponge not only boasts efficiency, but also easy to use: we have sections on both sides that give you a stronger and secure grip. Thanks to its small size, it is extremely easy to handle: it can be used safely to keep smaller neck glasses and smaller kitchen utensils (eg. garlic press, children’s cutlery) clean. In the bathroom, it can effectively remove deposits and scale from even the most difficult places.


This 2-pack sponge is also extremely practical: thanks to its durability and premium material, we can enjoy its beautiful color and fantastic cleaning effect for a long time.

B476 BONUS+ Magical non-scratch sponge 2/1 packaging
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: If we care about the environment, you will love the Bonus+ Magical Sponge. All our paper packaging products, including this one, are FSC certified because our environmental awareness is at our heart.

Sustainable Forest Management
Sustainable Forest Management

With the FSC certification, we can rest assured that our suppliers have complied with all laws and regulations regarding forestry and paper industry.

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Magical non-scratch sponge 2x
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