Magic sponge for the strongest dirt and stain removal

Magic eraser 2x

Magic sponge for the strongest dirt and stain removal

This high foam density sponge is perfect for removing extra stubborn dirt.

Anyone who have ever tried it will simply call this novelty a magic sponge. It is guaranteed to be a secret weapon in your cleaning arsenal! Simply erasing stains would be a dream come true for all of us, especially when dealing with crayons, glue residue, fingerprints, or dried food. In such cases, cloths or conventional sponges are useless – you need a product made of a material that almost peels off dirt particles. That’s why we’ve created the Bonus+ Magic eraser, which, thanks to its unique structure, has an extremely large-scale surface contact so it can pick up stubborn stains with only one sweep.

Let’s see what this sponge is good for and how to use it! All of us are familiar with the brownish discoloration on tea and coffee sets and spoons. This thin film is nothing more than tea and coffee residue accumulating on superficially washed pieces. A similar layer of dried grease can also be found on frequently used pans. Instead of aggressive chemicals, grab your Magic eraser, rinse it with clean water and wipe the surface with firm movements. The dense sponge foam and its large surface contact traps all dirt particles.

Eraser-like stain removal is not only used for large-scale cleaning. You can easily wipe off the streaks on the rubber sole of your favorite training shoe, from the surface of a soccer ball, or on a motorcycle helmet with this truly magical sponge. Perfect for removing remnants of stickers that have been torn off the wall, or even cleaning the joints in the tile. Excellent for cleaning the new generation white plastic doors, windows and their handles. To clean the dark spots and fingerprints burned into the white surface, just wet the sponge, then rub it thoroughly with 1-2 strokes. If we are not satisfied with the effect, repeat it.


The high-density foam of the Eraser sponge not only erases, but also exfoliates. This means that it can make glossy surfaces matte. Therefore, before use, be sure to try it in a less visible place. If we are convinced of this, use it carefully during cleaning: scrub with it for 1-2 strokes, then check the result. Repeat only if necessary.

B488 Bonus+ Magic Eraser 2/1
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: Rinse the sponge thoroughly after use and store it in a place where it can dry out completely to prevent bacterial growth and lengthen lifespan.

Magic eraser 2x
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