Outdoor push broom

MADDOX 40, 60, 80

Outdoor push broom

An extra powerful outdoor push broom with thick bristles that easily brush away even the toughest debris. Can be used on both concrete and asphalt.

Introducing the Bonus Maddox outdoor push broom, a robust cleaning tool designed to tackle outdoor messes with ease. No more struggling with the wrong tool, Maddox has been specifically designed for asphalt, concrete, paving tiles and other rough outdoor surfaces to provide an efficient, fast and thorough cleaning experience.

The Bonus Maddox is a high quality cleaning tool, the strong and durable 7.5cm long bristles are similar to asphalt brushes used on public roads, easily picking up dust, debris, leaves and dirt to keep outdoor spaces immaculately clean. The heavy-duty wooden body of the push broom also guarantees quality, allowing for long-lasting use and high durability. It is important to note that dry use is recommended in all cases to ensure a long service life. Its easy to use: pushing the broom in front of you, its extra-strong bristles remove and collect dirt.

The Maddox outdoor push broom is available in several sizes to meet a wide range of needs: it is available in 40, 60 and 80 cm body widths so that you always have the perfect tool at hand to adapt to the characteristics and dimensions of the terrain you are working on. Maddox excels in outdoor use: from small terraces, driveways, outbuildings and garages to large yards, you can make use of the latest Bonus broom everywhere!

B492, B508, B515 MADDOX 40, 60, 80
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: Make sure you store it properly! Wooden structures are eco-friendly, but they can also break down more easily. Store it in a dry place to prevent premature deterioration.

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Product number: B492 EAN: 5 997 844 304 492
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Product number: B508 EAN: 5 997 844 304 508
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Product number: B515 EAN: 5 997 844 304 515
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