Light cleaning on smooth surfaces

LENNOX 40, 60, 80

Light cleaning on smooth surfaces

Here's your partner for efficient indoor cleaning whether you're dealing with production halls or warehouses.

The Bonus Lennox indoor push broom is a cleaning tool specially designed for smooth surfaces. This broom combines soft bristles and a sturdy wooden body for gentle, yet effective indoor cleaning. Its applications include any delicate indoor surface, whether it’s hardwood floors, parquet or even tiles.

This new broom gently cleans smooth surfaces, and the 7.5 cm broom effectively grabs dust, hair and fine particles without scratching or damaging delicate wooden floors. The push broom nature of the Lennox makes keeping larger floor areas clean a breeze, the fine bristles leaving surfaces spotless and tidy. Designed with durability in mind, the broom has a solid wooden body that not only adds elegance, but also ensures a long service life. Lennox is built to withstand frequent use, providing a reliable and effective cleaning tool for your indoor areas. The push broom should only be used dry!

Lennox is versatile and adapts to the specific needs of each room. Available in 40, 60 and 80 cm sizes, it is also a good solution for tighter spaces, such as underneath furniture. And the larger sizes are perfect for cleaning larger indoor areas quickly and efficiently. Raise the standard of your cleaning with a push broom designed to bring the best out of smooth surfaces, ensuring they stay spotless and well-maintained.

B461, B478, B485 LENNOX 40, 60, 80
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: Make sure you store it properly! Wooden structures are eco-friendly, but they can also break down more easily. Store it in a dry place to prevent premature deterioration.

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Product number: B461 EAN: 5 997 844 304 461
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Product number: B478 EAN: 5 997 844 304 478
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Product number: B485 EAN: 5 997 844 304 485
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