Maximum scrubbing power

INOX Maxi scourer

Maximum scrubbing power

With its large size and powerful scrubbing effect, the BONUSECO INOX Maxi scourer is a real hotshot in cleaning.

There are household tasks that require a strong and large scourerer with flexible material, and gentle scrubbing as well. These include the cleaning of larger pans, baking trays or barbecue grills, that would otherwise take hours to clean with a smaller scourer. The large BONUSECO INOX Maxi scourer was designed for these tasks. A few scrubbing strokes and stubborn dirt is turned into glittering cleanliness. How is it possible? This high-performance product is made of top-quality thin stainless steel fibers that have been shaped into a larger sphere to create a soft and easy-to-shape scrubber. The ideal companion when you need both powerful cleaning and flexibility.

INOX stainless steel

For jobs that require more intense scrubbing, it matters how handy your scourer is. The BONUSECO INOX Maxi scourer’s special structure has a nice touch in your palm. It fits easily into your hand, so you can eliminate stubborn dirt with one single stroke. In addition, the easy-to-shape skein gives you easy access to places that are barely accessible with other scourers. Before using it on a sensitive surface, try it on a less visible area to avoid scratching.

This product will be a big favorite of yours as it lets you manage the hardest scouring works with minimal effort. Flexibility combined with high efficiency and convenient handling: the best features in one product!

B149 BONUS INOX Maxi scourer 1/1 packaging
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: You can extend the life of your scourer by prioritizing hygiene. Once a week, place it in the dishwasher or soak it in hot water with some detergent. Make sure to dry thoroughly.

Zero dilution
Zero dilution

In a healthy, conscious household, there is no room for products that dissolve various substances that can even enter our body.

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INOX Maxi scourer
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