Hungarian innovation for supreme higiene
Immunetec by Bonus

Immunetec Surface Coating Sanitizing Spray 200 ml

Hungarian innovation for supreme higiene

Surface Coating Disinfectant Spray is a useful addition to the household hygiene protocol.

Finally a disinfectant spray that provides a long lasting effect. Thanks to its special composition, it adheres to the treated surfaces. With the power of silver ions, it continuously inactivates the pathogens on its surface, even days after application. Although traditional alcoholic disinfectants effectively inactivate pathogens, their effect lasts until evaporation.

As a final step in the cleaning procedure, the Surface Coating Disinfectant Spray forms a protective layer on the surfaces, which kills pathogens (bacteria, fungi and viruses) and provides continuous protection until the next wash or wipe. It allows surfaces that are often affected to remain hygienic in the long run. It is excellent for surfaces that are frequently touched, such as desks, door handles, toilet seats, faucets, sanitary ware, tiles, washable surfaces, trash cans, and so on. It is also suitable for protecting areas prone to mold.

Ingredients: water, acrylate-based binder, additives (antifoam, moisturizer).
Active ingredient: 0.3% silver chloride

i118 Immunetec Surface Coating Sanitizing Spray 200 ml
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tip: Don't get rid of the plastic bottle when it's empty. You can produce less waste by refilling the emptied bottle. Use the 1 liter pack to refill your spray.

Immunetec Surface Coating Sanitizing Spray 200 ml
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