An ideal solution for eco-friendly cleanliness

IDEAL sponge cloth 2x

An ideal solution for eco-friendly cleanliness

The BONUSECO Ideal sponge cloth combines the efficiency of a sponge with the comfort of a cloth, all this in a decorative form.

A product that is at least as beautful as it is effective. If you want to replace the not-so-aesthetic paper towels with a truly environmentally friendly and fashionable solution, the BONUSECO Ideal Sponge is the best choice. Almost unbelievable but because of its high cellulose content, it can absorb up to 16 times of its own weight, which means that any liquid spilled on the kitchen counter or dining table can be removed immediately. Unlike paper towels that are difficult to handle, it is very adherent for extremely thorough cleaning.

Super absorbent

This product is truly an environmentally friendly and cost-effective replacement for paper towels. Just try to imagine the thousands of tons of paper wipes that are trashed every day, wasting millions of trees and millions of liters of water. With the BONUSECO Ideal Sponge, you can finally clean with a good conscience, as the product is 100% biodegradable, made from natural materials that can be composted.

100% biodegradable

As we’ve designed it for demanding households, appearance was as important as innovation. You don’t have to push it deep into your drawer or hide it under the sink. With its cheerful floral pattern and beautiful colors, it is a lovely decoration for any home!

2 in a pack

In addition, the 2-piece pack of the green and white sponge cloth is extremely economical, so you will notice the difference not only in the cleanliness of your home but also in the thickness of your wallet.

B506 BONUS+ IDEAL sponge cloth 2/1
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: It is also special as it is machine washable at 60 degree Celsius, making it even more environmentally friendly! If you do not use it anymore, don't throw it in the trash. Just dig it in the garden as it is made of naturally degradable materials.

Zero dilution
Zero dilution

In a healthy, conscious household, there is no room for products that dissolve various substances that can even enter our body.

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IDEAL sponge cloth 2x
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