High quality, elevated design


High quality, elevated design

Ergonomically designed, durable hand broom and dustpan combo that can even be snapped onto the broom handle.

Introducing the HANDRIX Hand Broom + Dustpan Set, a duo designed for everyday cleaning with a touch of innovation. This set combines a high-quality hand broom and a uniquely designed rubber-edged dustpan, ensuring efficiency and convenience with every sweep.

In the Bonus HANDRIX set, superior quality meets thoughtful design. The hand broom features a thickened construction for increased durability and long service life. Designed with practicality in mind, the broom is also built with a raised profile and rubber edge to increase efficiency. The former prevents dirt from being swept over the dustpan, while the rubber edge fits snugly against the floor surface to ensure dirt is not swept under the dustpan.

The HANDRIX Hand Broom + Dustpan Set allows for easy and thorough cleaning in every room of the house, but also comes in handy for the garage or workshop, this dynamic duo allows for a versatile and convenient addition to any cleaning toolkit.

Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: Keep the dustpan out of direct sunlight, such that it does not rest on the rubber edge. This will prevent deformation and UV degradation.

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