Large sponge with tremendous potency

Goliath Car Sponge

Large sponge with tremendous potency

Goliath Car Sponge has the trademark in its name for car sponge: a tremendous size and cleaning power for all vehicles.

The BONUSCAR Goliath Car Sponge not only has the size, but also the power of a goliath. Thanks to its special shape and design, it’s your true partner in the maintenance of your car. Those who have tried it already know that cleaning vehicle polishes is a delicate task. Extremely stubborn dirt often has to be removed, but the delicate surface must be treated with extreme caution as a bad move or inadequate tool is enough to scratch the polish.

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The BONUSCAR Goliath Car Sponge is specifically designed for such tasks. Due to its large size and strong material, even the toughest dirt can be effectively removed from the exterior of your vehicle. How? The larger a sponge, the easier it is to clean larger areas. In addition, the BONUSCAR Goliath Car Sponge is made with durable, high quality foam to make it last longer.

Use it to remove impurities that have dried on your motorbike, car, or bicycle without trace and much effort. Its advantage is, you can use it all around your garage, not just for vehicles. You can also use it on heavily used tiles and glass surfaces! The placement of this sponge is no problem either: the 1-piece packaging allows it to be stored easily in the garage or even in the car.

B623 BONUSCAR Goliath Car Sponge 1/1 packaging
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: If our sponge becomes oily, do not dispose it in the household waste bin. Take it to the gas station where you can find specific bins for oily tools.

Made in Hungary
Made in Hungary

A significant part of the Bonus products are trademarks of Made in Hungary, Hungarian Product or Processed in Hungary.

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Goliath Car Sponge
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