Heavy Duty gloves with extra protection

Extra long glove

Heavy Duty gloves with extra protection

The BONUS+ Extra long glove with a thick material and extra long size provides full protection and dryness.

If you have avoided using rubber gloves because you could not stand when water has penetrated around your wrists making the wearing of gloves uncomfortable and unnecessary, then the BONUS+ Extra Long Glove is made just for you. The 38 cm length provides perfect protection for your entire forearm, so you can dip your hands deep into the water and stay dry. You can also pull it over your clothes to protect your outfit.

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Larger household chores require careful preparation, and this glove can easily be the savior of the day when you are faced with coarse, oily, sticky dirt that you don’t want to touch with your bare hands. It is also ideal for car repairs or gardening when the thinner gloves that only reach the wrists no longer provide enough protection. Designed to meet the requirements of the HoReCa segment, it can be used professionally for industrial work when dealing with harsh chemicals or coarse surfaces.

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Besides efficiency, comfort was our main goal. The extra-long stems have folds on the forearm for easy expansion, so it fits well with different arm thicknesses. These gloves are also made without talcum powder, reducing the risk of skin irritation. It was alos designed to be reusable, making it extremely practical and economical. These wonderful orange colored gloves are available in different sizes. Choosing the right one has never been easier with the help of the size chart on the packaging, so you can be sure that this extra protecting glove will fit snugly on your hand.

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Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: Always wear gloves with a clean and dry hand. After use, rinse the outside of the glove with mild soap and warm water, especially when working with strong chemicals.

Zero dilution
Zero dilution

In a healthy, conscious household, there is no room for products that dissolve various substances that can even enter our body.

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