Professional sponge fulfilling HACCP standards

Easy Grip Sponge Scourer HoReCa – HACCP 4x

Professional sponge fulfilling HACCP standards

The BONUSPRO Easy Grip Sponge Scourer is a great choice for restaurants, hotels and public institutions.

BONUSPRO Easy Grip Sponge Scourer is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the HoReCa segment. The sponge has been FCC (Food Contact Certified) certified for food safety testing and is therefore the ideal choice for professional users – restaurants, hotels, canteens, hospitals and public institutions. With its custom-developed gray abrasive coating, you can remove both dry and soaked residue without scratches.

With non-scratch scrubber

Thanks to its 135x71x45mm size, it takes significantly less time to clean large non-stick or Teflon™ surfaces. On all sensitive surfaces the same efficiency can be achieved in other sectors of the HoReCa segment as well.

Extra large size

Our product has etchings on both sides for a strong grip, and as a result, the sponge can be very powerful during cleaning. The sponge body is made of polyurethane foam with a density of 22 kg/m³ and a hardness of 3.7 kPa. For durability, the polyester and polyamide fibers were combined with a strong chemical bond.

HACCP és FCC tanúsított

In accordance with the HACCP system guidelines, our BONUSPRO Easy Grip Sponge Scourer is color coded to ensure that a dedicated color sponge is used for each activity.

B118 BONUSPRO Easy Grip Sponge Scourer 4/1 packaging
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: To disinfect the product, we recommend that after thorough rinsing microwave it on the highest setting for a maximum of 2 minutes. This can kill 99% of the bacteria.

Color coded cleaning
Color coded cleaning

We also thought of those who would like to bring professional cleanliness into their own homes. Our color-coded products are also available to households.

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Easy Grip Sponge Scourer HoReCa – HACCP 4x
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