Premium, reinvented design

Dustpan with rubber edge

Premium, reinvented design

Raised profile with rubber edge and snap-on handle

A new rubber-edged dustpan has arrived, a cleaning tool designed for high-quality cleaning with a focus on durability and innovation. With its unique design, reinforced construction and rubber edge, this dustpan redefines the way we handle dust and debris. Take your cleaning experience to the next level with the high quality Bonus dustpan. Built with durability in mind, this dustpan’s robust construction will withstand the demands of frequent use, making it a reliable companion for everyday cleaning needs.

The results of innovative design set this dustpan apart and make it unique in the market, the elevated design ensures efficient and thorough cleaning. The rubber edge fits tightly to surfaces, so there is no risk of sweeping rubbish, dust or debris underneath. The raised wall design allows you to sweep with more forceful strokes, without fear of sweeping over it. As a result of the reinforced, high-quality design of the dustpan, you don’t have to worry about its fragility. What’s more, we’ve thought about sustainability in the design: the dustpan is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Experience a new level of efficiency in your cleaning routine! For efficient cleaning every time, choose the rubber-edged dustpan, which combines high quality and innovative design for a great cleaning experience. Upgrade your cleaning routine with a dustpan that stands out from the rest with its performance and durability!

B331 Dustpan with rubber edge
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: Keep the dustpan out of direct sunlight, such that it does not rest on the rubber edge. This will prevent deformation and UV degradation.

Dustpan with rubber edge
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