Consciousness in a new way

Cycle Floor cleaner 500 ml

Consciousness in a new way

The world's first recycled cleaning products are made from 90% recycled materials, including packaging, through a manufacturing process developed by Hungarian researchers.

Who doesn’t want to pay attention to the floor, especially with toddlers or small children round your household: they roll, crawl, lie on the ground. Also don’t forget about pets. We love our little (or big) furry friends, but their tiny paws bring in dust, mud, and all sort of unwanted things.
With the Cycle Floor cleaner, you don’t have to compromise between health, environment and cleanliness. It’s easy to use: depending on how dirty the floor is, add it to the mop and then wash it in the usual way.

The environmental impact of Cycle products is extremely low, so we can all contribute to a more sustainable present and future.
Ingredients: <5% recycled acetic acid, <5% citric acid, <5% surfactant, natural lavender and mint essential oil, recycled water

C081 Cycle Floor cleaner 500 ml
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Did you know? Cycle bottles are designed to be reused for a long time. With the convenient refill concentrates, this becomes even easier: fill with contrate, then fill the remaining with water.

Cycle Floor cleaner 500 ml
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