Consciousness in a new way

Cycle Bathroom cleaner 500 ml

Consciousness in a new way

The world's first recycled cleaning products are made from 90% recycled materials, including packaging, through a manufacturing process developed by Hungarian researchers.

With the Cycle bathroom cleaner we can say goodbye to the pungent-smelling, stifling chemicals, which are often harmful to health. The Cycle Bathroom cleaner removes limescale and soap deposits only with the power of natural substances.
It can be used for descaling and cleaning toilets, tiles, bathtubs and showers. The Cycle Bathroom cleaner provides streak-free drying and a pleasant lemon scent thanks to its natural essential oil content.

It’s our shared responsibility to protect the environment, the waters and wildlife. The waste load of Cycle products is extremely low, and when the detergent is returned to the sewer, it does not cause any damage. It does not contain petrochemicals and even becomes a detergent again.
Avoid using it on marble and copper surfaces.
Ingredients: <5% recycled acetic acid, <5% citric acid, <5% surfactant, natural citrus essential oil, recycled water

C012 Cycle Bathroom cleaner 500 ml
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Did you know? Cycle bottles are designed to be reused for a long time. With the convenient refill concentrates, this becomes even easier: fill with contrate, then fill the remaining with water.

Cycle Bathroom cleaner 500 ml
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