Professional mop for professional cleanliness

CottonMOP Expert

Professional mop for professional cleanliness

BONUSPRO CottonMOP Expert delivers brilliant floor cleanliness while meeting the needs of the HoReCa segment.

The BONUSPRO CottonMOP Expert was designed with the requirements of the HoReCa segment in mind, that’s why our professional products are color-coded. In accordance with HACCP system guidelines, the mop is available in four colors (yellow, blue, pink and green), allowing the necessary differentiation based on function and space for efficient and hygienic use.


Thanks to its large design, compared to conventional mops, a single surface can be cleaned with less wiping so it is extremely effective. Ideal for cleaning garages, halls, hallways, lounges, meeting rooms, or large concrete spaces.

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The fabric part of the mop is made is a mixture of 50% cotton, 50% polyester and viscose, which provides significant absorbency. For further convenience, the product comes with two-in-one Italian and German threads, making it compatible with almost any handle. The product is available in 350g and 450g versions for professional users. The mop has a highly efficient wide profile so it is not possible to rinse it in the wringer of conventional buckest, we recommend to use the 18l bucket or mop press instead. BONUSPRO CottonMOP Expert provides extremely thorough cleanliness in all professional environments.

B764, B832, B818, B856, B771, B894, B887, B924 BonusPRO CottonMOP Expert professional mop
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: For maximum hygiene, ensure that the mop does not remain wet after use, dry it thoroughly and store it hanging in a well-ventilated area.

Made in Hungary
Made in Hungary

A significant part of the Bonus products are trademarks of Made in Hungary, Hungarian Product or Processed in Hungary.

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CottonMOP Expert red
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Product number: B764 EAN: 5997844302764
CottonMOP Expert yellow
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Product number: B818 EAN: 5997844302818
CottonMOP Expert blue
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Product number: B832 EAN: 5997844302832
CottonMOP Expert green
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Product number: B856 EAN: 5997844302856
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