Magical cleanliness with the softness of cotton

Cotton floor cloth

Magical cleanliness with the softness of cotton

The BONUS cotton floor cloth is a real treat for all types of floors.

A clean floor determines the cleanliness of the whole apartment. We can clean all the furniture, dust all the shelves and wipe the windows, but if the floor is dirty, the whole apartment will look dirty. The good news is that floor cleaning has never been easier and more enjoyable! The BONUS cotton floor cloth was created so you can wipe up all the dirt in a single move and keep the various floor surfaces perfectly clean.

100% cotton

Made from 100% cotton for a natural touch, it is so soft that it can be used on the most delicate parquet, marble, granite and tile surfaces. If we always postpone mopping because we are afraid that the large surfaces will take forever to clean, then we don’t need to worry about it anymore. The BONUS cotton floor cloth is 50 x 60 cm and thick enough to absorb moisture effectively, allowing you to move from room to room very quickly.

Extra large size

If you are completely in love with the floor cloth, do not stop at the floor. It can be used as a drying tray for clean dishes or even as a bathroom rug. It is worth to accumulate more of it so you can use it everywhere. After use, rinse thoroughly, then drain it and store in a dry place. Since it is 100% cotton, it can even be machine washed. When it is no longer used, it can be composted because it is 100% biodegradable.

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Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: Use chemical-free household cleaners whenever it's possible. Pour 300 ml vinegar and 8 drops of lavender essential oil into a bucket of warm water, and your bio mopping water is ready!

Made in Hungary
Made in Hungary

A significant part of the Bonus products are trademarks of Made in Hungary, Hungarian Product or Processed in Hungary.

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Cotton floor cloth
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