Finally a comfortable glove with the power of cotton

Comfort glove

Finally a comfortable glove with the power of cotton

The BONUS+ Comfort glove has a soft cotton lining for comfortable wear and maximum protection.

They say good gloves are like a second skin, and it is especially true with rubber gloves. If you have been sceptical so far and even the thought of touching latex have gave you the shivers, then the BONUS+ Comfort gloves will make all your worries go away. Our goal was to impress everyone who wants to protect their hands during the toughest housework with a feel-good, cotton-covered, easy-to-wear glove.

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Of course cleaning while wearing gloves is not ideal if everything slips out of your hands. This is why we have created a ribbed surface with a honeycomb pattern. The thickness of the glove is designed to maintain a sense of touch while providing maximum protection for your hands. The BONUS+ Comfort glove also minimizes the risk of irritation. It is made without talcum powder, so you can safely use it even if your skin is sensitive.

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The soft touch of the cotton gives you maximum comfort and the bright lime color inspires creative work. This reusable comfortable piece fits your hand almost like a second skin: available in S, M, L and XL sizes. Choosing the right size is easy when using the size chart at the back of the packaging.

B005, B012, B971, B036 BONUS+ Comfort Glove S M L XL
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: After use keep the gloves in a dry place, protected from vapour and moisture, to prevent bacteria from spreading. If the inside of the glove becomes wet, turn it inside out and let it dry.

Zero dilution
Zero dilution

In a healthy, conscious household, there is no room for products that dissolve various substances that can even enter our body.

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Product number: B005 EAN: 5997844300005
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Product number: B012 EAN: 5997844300012
Comfort gloves L
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Product number: B036 EAN: 5997844300036
Comfort gloves XL
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Product number: B971 EAN: 5996306052971
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