Trusty companion


Trusty companion

A familiar broom with a classic look for those who like old fashioned quality.

We designed the Bonus Classtrix for indoor use, a wood patterned broom that is a handy tool for everyday cleaning tasks. The broom has 8 cm long bristles and is recommended for indoor tiles, wooden floors and other smooth surfaces, combining functionality with a touch of elegance.

The wooden pattern of the body not only enhances the aesthetics of the cleaning tool, but also adds a touch of sophistication to indoor spaces. Experience the joy of cleanliness with a broom that seamlessly combines functionality with style. The Classtrix broom has 8 cm long bristles that provide a thorough sweep on indoor tiles, wooden floors and other smooth surfaces. The carefully crafted bristles effectively trap dust, crumbs, hair, and other dirt.

Classtrix is a versatile companion for keeping a variety of indoor surfaces clean: whether tiles, wooden floors or other smooth surfaces, we recommend this push broom for its adaptability. Enjoy the comfort of a broom that glides effortlessly over a variety of indoor surfaces, making your cleaning routine efficient and enjoyable. Take your cleaning routine to the next level with a broom that not only delivers exceptional performance, but also brings style to your living spaces.

Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: The plastic body is much more durable than wood, but its bristles require regular cleaning. Wash them weekly to prevent them from sticking together, this way they can stay a faithful companion for a long time.

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