HEAVY DUTY Push broom

BOLLOX 40, 60, 80

HEAVY DUTY Push broom

Excellent choice for hangars, halls, and retail stores

The Bonus Bollox Heavy Duty push broom is a cleaning tool designed for industrial use, so it won’t shy away from the toughest cleaning challenges. The industrial design ensures the thorough and efficient cleaning of smooth surfaces, whether it’s a warehouse, manufacturing plant or workshop, Bollox is designed to meet the standards and demands of industrial environments.

Built to meet the rigorous demands of industrial cleaning, the Bollox push broom has a Heavy Duty design that can withstand the harshest conditions. The combination of 7.5 cm long bristles and robust construction ensures that it remains a reliable and long-lasting addition to your arsenal of industrial cleaning tools. The extra strong bristles effectively collect debris, which is immediately visible due to the yellow colour of the bristles. At Bonus, sustainability is also an important consideration, which is why the black plastic body of the Bollox is made from 100% recycled material.

The Bonus Bollox push broom is available in a variety of sizes to meet the different requirements of industrial spaces. Available in sizes 40, 60 and 80 cm, it is the ideal cleaning tool whether you are cleaning tight corners or large, continuous areas – Bollox provides the versatility and power you need for effective cleaning. Its extra heavy-duty design, extra strong bristles and size range make it an ideal choice for industrial environments with strict cleaning requirements.

B430, B447, B454 BOLLOX 40, 60, 80
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: When the product is worn out, feel free to throw it in the plastic recycling bin, as its bristles and body can both be recycled.

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Product number: B430 EAN: 5 997 844 304 430
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Product number: B447 EAN: 5 997 844 304 447
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Product number: B454 EAN: 5 997 844 304 454
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