Push-scrub brush for indoor and outdoor use

BODTRIX 30, 40

Push-scrub brush for indoor and outdoor use

Extra strong, heavy duty floor brush for the spotless finish

The new Bonus BODTRIX push-scrub brush is a real powerhouse, designed to tackle rough surfaces with unrivalled efficiency. With its vibrant yellow fibres and durable construction, this brush is the bigest fear of outdoor messes, making the brush, available in 30 and 40 cm sizes, your perfect companion for tough outdoor cleaning tasks.

This push-scrub brush boasts a Heavy Duty design that guarantees long service life under constant use. The robust design comes in handy on tough terrains and challenging areas, making it an ideal choice for cleaning mud, dirt and debris from rough outdoor surfaces. The yellow fibres not only symbolise its resistance to heavy-duty cleaning tasks, but also allow dirt to be clearly visible on it, making it easy to ensure the brush is clean before use.

The Bonus push-scrub brush is outstanding in both durability and efficiency. Available in two sizes, 30 and 40 cm, it can be used for a wide range of applications. Choose the Heavy Duty push-scrub brush, designed to stand up to tough challenges: with its durable design and extra strong and long-lasting bristles, it’s the perfect solution for keeping outdoor areas tidy.

B871, B874 BODTRIX 30, 40
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: After use, rinse with clean water and store bristle side up out of direct sunlight to ensure a long lasting service life.

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Product number: B874 EAN: 5 997 844 304 874
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Product number: B123 EAN: 5 997 844 305 123
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