Affordable color-coded hygiene
Immunetec by Bonus

Bioactive Microcloth 4x

Affordable color-coded hygiene

The Bioactive Microcloth offers a complete hygienic solution for your household.

The BONUS Bioactive Microcloth microfiber cloth has been specifically developed to meet the needs of the HoReCa segment. With microfibers, even glass and other shily or delicate surfaces can be cleaned stripe and lint-free. The perfect choice for professional users such as car cosmetics, hotels, kitchens and facility managers. The essence of the microfiber is that a 10,000 meter long fiber can be made from a material weighing 1 gram. Thus the surface of a microfiber cloth becomes extremely large, abe to clean thoroughly as nothing else. Bioactive Microcloth is made of high quality polyester (80%) and polyamide (20%) fibers. However, the benefits of the wipe are not over.

The silver ion-based antimicrobial additive makes the Bioactive Microcloth extraordinary. While microfiber physically removes pathogens, silver ions kills 99,9% of bacteria, fungi, and disables viruses. Thus, pathogens are not transferred from one place to another, and at the same time we can enjoy the advantages of microfiber technology. The capillaries of the cloth can absorb and contain a liquid equal to six times its weight. In addition, long-term use is guaranteed. Thanks to the Immunetec additive, this wipe does not become a source of patogens or unpleasant odors, unlike traditional cloths and rags.

Silver-ion protection Antimicrobial composition

One of the prerequisites for HACCP systems is the use of color-coded cleaning tools. Bioactive Microcloth is available in four colors (red, blue, yellow and green) according to these standards, so we can use a separate wipe for each surface and room for maximum hygiene. The active ingredient of the cloth does not dissolve, thus leaving no deposits and lasts for a long time.

B785 BONUS Bioactive Microcloth
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: To preserve the cloth's absorbency and efficiency for a long time, wash without soap or detergents.

Antibacterial wiping
Antibacterial wiping

Bonus microfiber products have been subjected to microbiological testing to determine if the microfiber is really effective.

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Bioactive Microcloth 4x
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