Premium quality in three colours


Premium quality in three colours

Premium indoor broom in three colours, specially designed for sweeping up dust.

Introducing Bellatrix Soft, the epitome of elegance in indoor cleaning. It is a new premium indoor broom available in three sophisticated colours (lilac, mint, pink). Designed to perfectly complement the MicroMOP Soft mop set. Thanks to its extra-fine, compacted, 8 cm long bristles and its ergonomic design, Bellatrix Soft offers a luxurious cleaning experience that goes above and beyond.

With extra fine, compacted bristles, Bellatrix Soft brings a touch of luxury to your everyday cleaning routine. Designed for precision and efficiency, the bristles provide a very thorough sweep, easily picking up even the smallest dust particles. By pairing the Bellatrix Soft with the MicroMOP Soft mop set, the two cleaning tools work in perfect harmony. Create a uniform and stylish look and enjoy a premium cleaning experience.

The Bellatrix Soft goes beyond functionality, with every detail a testament to sophistication. The three available colours (lilac, mint, pink) add a touch of style to your cleaning tools, transforming them into fashionable accessories that don’t need to be hidden around the home. Choose Bonus Bellatrix Soft, a premium indoor broom that combines style and functionality!

Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: The plastic body is much more durable than wood, but its bristles require regular cleaning. Wash them weekly to prevent them from sticking together, this way they can stay a faithful companion for a long time.

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