Shiny bathroom without chemicals

Bathroom Sponge

Shiny bathroom without chemicals

The BONUS Bathroom Sponge perfectly removes limescale from tiles, taps and glass surfaces - even without chemicals!

The biggest enemy of your bathroom is limescale. Due to deposits, the tile loses its shine, and the surface of the taps becomes dirty. Chemical cleaning can pollute the environment, and it also has several other risks. Corrosive materials can easily destroy the shine of our tiles and chrome surfaces. The BONUS Bathroom Sponge is a real chemical-free help for surfaces with slight or moderate limescale deposits.

The four-layer sponge was made for limescale removal. Its strong non-scratch scrubbing layer easily removes light and medium limescale stains, but even heavy limescale deposits can be removed if paired with a lightly acidic substance. Its soft scrubbing layer is perfect for easy descaling of bathroom surfaces, but also for regular cleaning tasks. In addition to its stylish appearance, its double high layer of foam also provides a strong grip, so you can hold the Bathroom Sponge well when scrubbing.

Goodbye deposits! Use with citric acid or vinegar so as not to damage the chrome surfaces! If you want to remove strong scale stains, which most often appear at the base or on the arm of the taps, use a natural limescale remover! With the help of the BONUS Bathroom Sponge, you can remove even strong limescale deposits efficiently with lukewarm citric acid water.

It matches you in color too! The BONUS Bathroom Sponge is available in two different colors! Its rose + pink and green + mint colors lend a stylish and premium look to this useful bathroom tool, even though it is a low-cost product. The colors of the Bathroom Sponge match the colors of the Massage Bath Sponge, so the bathing and cleaning tools in your bathroom are all the same.

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Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: To disinfect the product, we recommend that after thorough rinsing you microwave it on the highest setting for a maximum of 2 minutes. This can kill 99% of the bacteria.

Bathroom Sponge
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