Lightweight mop for quality floor cleaning

Aluchrome MopHANDLE 130 cm

Lightweight mop for quality floor cleaning

With the looks and durability of the BONUS Aluchrome MopHANDLE, it's guaranteed to be a star piece of our mop set.

A mop handle for the truly demanding. It is designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip during cleaning and is truly durable. We have increased the length by 10 cm compared to the average mop handle, which makes the mopping experience much different compared to its shorter counterparts. It also gives you more control and easier access to hard-to-reach corners. The handle is fitted with an aluchrome plastic coating and a red screw cap. The whole product is extremely lightweight, which allows it to be moved without much effort, so cleaning will be less tiring.

Extra long

We also wanted to make sure that it fits with our favorite mops. That is why we have an Italian type thread that is compatible with almost all types of mops on the market and of course with all BONUS mop types. As it is such an effective and justly popular product, we also considered aesthetics. Elegant, clean and tasteful, there is no need to hide this product behind the door. This is a real quality piece that we can really be proud of.

B538 BONUS Chromium MopHANDLE 130 cm
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tips: To ensure proper storage, it is designed in a way that the hook swivels around the head so it can be easily suspended after use. If stored this way, the mop dries faster and remains more hygienic.

Aluchrome MopHANDLE 130 cm
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