Environmental sustainability

Among our company's 2020 goals, we have targeted environmentally friendly solutions and sustainable, environmentally conscious development. What we leave behind is left for the next generation. We do not believe in one-off advertising projects, so we want to develop environmentally sustainable business operations in three other main lines too.

2019. december 17.

To produce 100% of the energy consumption of our Siklós plant with solar arrays.

In addition to the solar collectors providing hot water, we install additional solar panels on the roof of our warehouses, ensuring the complete and continuous power supply of the plant, even in cloudy weather.

Switching from plastic packaging to corn-starch foil.

Many stores already have promotional bags made of corn-starch, which have set a positive example for us as well. With the transition to corn-starch packaging, we also want to set an example for our partners and customers.

Put more emphasis on our recycled and environmentally friendly products’ positive values.

Renew the packaging of our recycled and environmentally friendly products, to make it easier for the conscious customer to choose the right product, while also emphasizing the reduced adverse environmental effects.

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