Carbon neutrality

On the occasion of Christmas 2019, BONUS Ltd presented its partners and users by reducing its own ecological footprint.

With the help of CO2nsensus intermediary site, our company financed the neutralization of carbon dioxide equivalent of 100,000 kg, with the aim of reducing our company’s ecological footprint. Under the project, we financed afforestation.

The main objective of the project activity are wood production, land restoration and carbon sequestration through afforestation. All practices are compatible with FSC standard for sustainable forest management.

CO2 semlegesítés oklevél

Guaneré Forest Plantations on Degraded Grasslands under Extensive Grazing is classified as a “project”, according to its scale: it will remove a total amount of 7,644,973 t CO2 in a period of 60 years. This means an average of 127,416 t CO2 per year.

The project comprises a total area of 21,298 ha with a long history of grazing by beef cattle, activity that have caused soil erosion and land degradation. Forest plantation for obtaining pulp and saw wood and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere are being established since 2006. The project activity is implemented on degraded land, which is expected to continue to degrade in the absence of the project and hence the land cannot be expected to revert a non-degraded state without human intervention.

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