AAA Bisnode credit rating 2016

Binsode awarded us an AAA certificate based on the classification of the qualification criteria by Bisnode Hungary, which belongs to the Scandinavian Bisnode Group, who provides domestic risk management solutions and international company information.

2016. november 11.

The Bisnode rating system uses AAA, AA, and A marks to indicate the reliability of companies. The creditworthiness and financial stability of companies are assessed on the basis of objective criteria, all of which are summarized in a simple risk indicator, the so-called Bisnode Rating.

Only 9.82% of companies in Hungary are eligible for AAA, AA or A certification, so having a Bisnode certificate is an honor. Being one of the elite companies in the country sends a message to the market that they can safely do business with AAA, AA and A rated companies, they can count on them in the long run.


Only 0.63% of companies in Hungary have an AAA (triple A) rating. The financial risk of establishing a business relationship with them is extremely low.


1.75% of Hungarian companies are entitled to an AA (double A) certificate. The financial risk of establishing a business relationship with them is very low.


Only 7.44% of companies in the Hungarian market are entitled to the A certificate, which means excellent creditworthiness. The financial risk of establishing a business relationship with them is low.

The Bisnode Rating consists of several elements, including data from the Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement, court registrations, information from the National Tax and Customs Authority and other official bodies. At the same time, it takes into account company balance sheets, income statements, organizational demographics, company age, activity, size, owners, number of vehicles, press releases, payment discipline and deadlines, among many others.

As in the previous year, this year we remained in the best rated AAA rating, which only 0.63% of Hungarian companies belong to. The most important message of belonging to the AAA certificate type is that our company is one of the most reliable companies in Europe according to the evaluation of the Bisnode rating system.

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