Hungarian innovation in kitchen cleaning wins award

We are pleased to announce that the Immunetec by Bonus product range, Bioactive Sponge, Bioactive MicroDUO, Bioactive Microcloth, jointly developed by Immunetec and Bonus, has been awarded the "Inno d'Or - 2022 Innovation of the Year" in the Chemical Goods category of the Innovation Competition of Trade magazine, judged by a 19-member panel of experts.

The panel assessed 4 criteria: innovative content, fit with trends, marketability and unique advantages.

How the Immunetec by Bonus Bioactive products ranked in each of these aspects.


Innovative content:

A common feature of the Immunetec by BONUS range is the antimicrobial silver ion content, which destroys the bacteria, fungi, protozoa (e.g. single-celled parasitic amoebae) and viruses that inhabit the product. It is important to note that the product is not a disinfectant in itself, the silver ion destroys micro-organisms and viruses that colonise the cleaning tools.

Fitting into trends:

A more conscious approach is gaining ground among the younger generation, characterised by the purchase of more expensive and higher quality equipment and their longer use. Microfibre cloths are most often ruined by washing with detergents: their fabric becomes brittle and water-repellent, and sponges become smelly over time. The silver ion offers a solution to these problems, increasing the lifetime of the product.


COVID-19 has significantly and unrealistically increased the demand for hygiene products. Demand for BONUS and Immunetec by BONUS products has increased accordingly. As events slowed down, the market presence of our products and the interest in them did not decrease significantly. In addition to the antimicrobial effect, marketability is enhanced by the following features: clear visual communication; unique, catchy packaging and the fact that the product has been adapted from an existing product on the market.

Unique advantages:

  • Innovation of a widely used product
  • No need to separately disinfect the sponges or cloths
  • Increased lifetime, lower environmental impactt
  • FSC certified paper packaging
  • Excellent Product trademarked products
  • Hungarian innovation and manufacturing
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