New products of Q1 2020

We start the year of 2020 with 4 new products, each of which is a result of an innovative development. We have put together two smart packages to please our customers: one that makes it easy for us to equip our kitchen, and a grill cleaning package designed for barbecue evenings.

2020. április 2.
Grill SmartPACK

Grill SmartPACK

Our smart combination for summer barbecue evenings and the ever-expanding barbecue and smoker scene. In our Grill SmartPACK we’ve put together the perfect tools to make cleaning quick and easy.

Read more about the products here.

Kitchen SmatPACK

Kitchen SmartPACK

Cleverly assembled kitchen cleaning kit for quality apartments and households so you can easily change every cleaning tool at once.

Read more about the products here.

Oktogon fekmosónyél

Octagonal MopHANDLE

Smart design, convenient use. We’d like to introduce our new product, the octagonal shaped mop handle, which can save you a lot of headaches. A unique mop handle with a square design that fits well both for household and professional use.

Read more about the product here.


MicroMIX mop

The perfect balance of microfibre and viscose. We proudly introduce our brand new MicroMIX mop combining the cleaning power of microfiber with the economical and environmentally friendly properties of viscose fibers. The one of a kind and patented MicroMIX mop combines our SoftMOP and MicroMOP mopheads while retaining the benefits of both.

Read more about the product here.

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