Clean your home in no-time with our tips!

To make the spring cleaning process easier, we've created a plan to help you break down your home into smaller tasks, one room at a time, and renew your home as nature comes back to life.

We’ll start with the entrance hallway

Sub-tasks can be assigned to family members to get things done even faster.

  • Take the winter coats off the rack, put the winter shoes in the shoe closet after cleaning and shoe care. Wash the string if necessary!
  • Wash the outside of the front door, removing any dirt from frequent use, also clean the behind and back side of the door handle! To do this, take a slightly dampen a MicroSCRUB cloth and wipe with the scrubbing side. You don’t even have to use chemicals, You’ll be amazed at the effectiveness of the cloth! Learn more:
  • Clean the doormat by dusting and washing. Next time when you wash your car, use the pressure washer to clean the doormat.

The kitchen should not be left out, however the greasy mess can give us a hard time cleaning.

The good news is that we’ve put together a kitchen cleaning tool pack, the KitchenSmartPACK, to make your job much easier! Find more details here:

  • Take the dishes out of the cupboard, then clean it!
  • Clean the cupboard doors, dust the top!
  • Clean the stove, oven, microwave!
  • Clean out the fridge, throw out expired food, defrost the freezer if necessary!

Let’s focus on the living room and bedroom

  • Dust electronics!
  • Dust shelves and cupboard tops!
  • Clean the curtains!
  • Clean the carpets!
  • Pro tip: For effective dusting, we recommend the non-scratch MicroUni microfibre cloth:

Let’s continue our spring cleaning series with the bathroom.

  • It’s important to color code sponges, scrubbers and cloths that will only be used in the bathroom. This is the 4-colour cleaning method used by professional cleaners. You can read more about it here:
  • Discard unused, empty or expired cosmetics, cleaning products, medicines!
  • Clean make-up brushes!
  • Clean the washbasin, tap, bath and toilet!
  • Scrub tiles and grout!

The final phase is the exterior and some finishing touches.

  • Wash the windows!
  • Wash the shutters!
  • Wash the terrace and garage! Our durable SupraMOP for outdoors is just a tool for the task.
  • Get your garden tools, barbecue and kettle ready for use, they’ve been gathering dust since winter. We recommend the Grill SmartPACK, which offers a complex solution for cleaning:
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