Soap, a reliable classic

During an epidemic, the magic word is hand washing. Before and after using the toilet, before and after a meal, and generally in every hour, it is recommended to wash our hands. Don't worry, you don't need hospital-grade disinfectants to do that. A simple liquid soap, or even a traditional homemade soap can do more than you might expect. The secret lies in the technique of hand washing and the time spent on rubbing.

First, wet your hands and leather them with the soap. Rub the tip of your fingers with the foam, as well as the base of the fingers, the palms, the wrists and the back of the hands. Continue this for a minimum of 1-2 minutes, which is about the time it takes to croon some lines from your favourite song.

Skin care and disinfection

Excessive handwashing can damage your skin. In extreme cases your skin can even crack, so use a hand cream regularly. However, greasy, creamy hands will once again attract pathogens, so try to avoid touching your face as much as possible and especially avoid rubbing your eyes and mouth.

Another best practice for personal hygiene is the use of a hand sanitizer, however it doesn’t replace regular hand washing. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers do not clean your hands, they only disinfect it, so it is worth washing your hands thoroughly with soap before use. Small and large packs of hand sanitizers are ideal when you’re on the go. Carefully read the label, it is important that the terms “virucidal” and “bactericidal” are included as it guarantees that the product will actually kill the pathogens.

It is worth to keep a few items in your bag, in the pocket of your jacket, or in the car to always have them close at hand. It is important to choose an alcohol-based gel or wipe that is especially made for sanitizing hands, and preferably not to use household or surface disinfectants for hand hygiene! It is also important not to overdo it: identify critical points in your daily life and only use a hand sanitizer in these cases.

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