The importance of chemicals

The first and most important rule is disinfection. Pathogens are causing diseases by entering our body even from different household surfaces. You might be surprised, but some points in your home are a real hotbed for bacteria and fungi.

No, we are not talking about the toilet seat, the most dangerous are the surfaces that are usually the least obvious when cleaning: handles, faucets, knobs, keyboards and the mouse. And don’t forget the cell phone, which is like a third hand for us nowadays, except that we never wash it. The question is: what can we use to disinfect sensitive machinery and electronics?

Chemical and physical prevention

Few people know it, but we can only expect viruses and bacteria to be killed by a cleaning agent if it has the terms „virucidal”, „bactericidal”, or „tubercolocidal” written on it. It also matters how the disinfectant is applied. Applying it on a cloth and then wiping the surface with it is not the best solution. Instead, spray it directly onto the surface and allow it to dry.

While liquid disinfectants remove pathogens chemically, microfibre cloths do this physically. The secret lies in the extra-dense, specially woven cloth, and thanks to this, the soft material almost attracts particles that are invisible to the naked eye. There is no need for chemicals, it is enough to use the microfiber cloth dry or slightly moistened, it is scientifically proven to kill 99% of the bacteria. How? You can read more about the secrets of microfiber products here!

As they pick up and enclose pathogens, a rinse with cold water is not enough to clean them: for maximum hygiene, wash the microfiber cloth in the washing machine at 60 degrees and dry it in the sun. A high-quality disinfectant and cloth is great, but thorough cleaning can easily become useless if you only carry the bacteria from one surface to another. Take advantage of the fact that Bonus has color coded cloths, so there is a cloth for each room and surface. The wiping technique is also key: fold the cloth at least twice and wipe with one side maximum two times to avoid bacteria migrating from one surface to another.

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